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  • couple reviewing mortgage amortization schedules

    Understanding Mortgage Amortization Schedules

    Mortgage amortization can be a tricky concept to understand if you're new to the home buying process. That's why we've broken down everything you need to know about mortgage amortization schedules in this blog post.
  • couple reviewing conventional mortgage pros and cons

    Conventional Mortgage Pros and Cons

    Are you struggling to decide whether a conventional mortgage is right for you? We have you covered. In this blog post, we'll review the pros and cons of conventional loans to help you make an informed decision.
  • Man conducting title search

    What is a Title Search and Why is it Important?

    Title searches are an important step of the home buying process. In this article, we'll review what a title search is, why the buyers and sellers need title searches, and why title searches are important step in the home buying process.
  • couple speaking with closing agent during closing process

    What Happens When Closing on a House

    Ever wondered what happens during the closing process? We're here to help. We'll walk you through what to expect pre-closing, how to prepare for closing costs, and which documents you'll be required to sign during the closing process.
  • Couple preparing for mortgage underwriting process

    Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

    Understanding the mortgage underwriting process can be difficult for new homeowners to understand. That's why we've broken down what mortgage underwriters do, how the mortgage underwriting process works, and how to smoothly secure a home loan in this article.
  • Couple reviewing mortgage process with loan officer

    Navigating the Mortgage Process Maze

    New to the mortgage process? No problem. We outlined the most crucial parts of the mortgage process to help you secure the home of your dreams. From receiving mortgage pre-approval to closing your mortgage, we have all the answers you'll need to become a successful homeowner.
  • Couple house hunting with realtor after getting pre-approved

    Mortgage Pre-qualification vs Pre-approval

    Learn about the difference between a mortgage pre-qualification and pre-approval, when to get pre-approved, and what advantages there are compared to getting pre-qualified.
  • 9 Tips for Applying for a Mortgage

    9 Tips for Applying for a Mortgage

    We've put together nine tips to help you prepare for applying for a mortgage, finding a lender, and financing a home. Knowing these tips in advance will help your mortgage application and home buying process go smoothly.
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    SIRVA Earns Highest Average Score in Relocation Mortgage Overall Satisfaction

    SIRVA Worldwide Relocation and Moving, the leading global relocation and moving service provider, received the highest average score for its mortgage product among national competitors in the 26th Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey by Trippel Survey & Research, LLC©.
  • Technology Reshapes Homebuying During COVID 19

    For most of us right now being at home is everything. School, work, entertainment and countless meals are happening without ever venturing outdoors. In a time when social distancing is more important than ever, borrowers are considering what impact the new constraints due to COVID-19 will have on home buying and the financing process.