How to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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During the spring and summer months, you probably plan to spend a lot of time outside. As you move your nighttime hours to the deck, patio or screened in porch, you might be getting motivated to spruce it up a bit. Here are some ways to make something beautiful out of the ordinary.


Whether you use candles, LED lights, lanterns or string lights – be intentional about creating atmosphere with natural or a variety of light sources. Draw attention away from flaws by placing light sources by places that should draw attention – on large tables, across from beautiful views or along pathways.


You can really brighten up space quickly with color. Look at buying an outdoor rug, seasonal pillows, outdoor art work or paint something. Coordinate your colors by choosing a color palette that compliments each other. You can search online for the latest color palettes or visit a paint store and grab a swatch with complimentary colors options.


Fresh greenery will really bring your outdoor space to life. Use the natural beauty of plants to add a little energy to any area. Pots and centerpieces are cheap and versatile ways to spruce up your space.


Think about how you’ll be using each outdoor area and buy furniture to make it work for you. If you plan on entertaining think about having a bar or tables to hold drinks and food. A rustic buffet might be a nice addition to your patio. Consider seating whether you’ll be eating a dinner or lounging with a drink – create spaces with function in mind.